“When men meet me they’re very intimidated by me” Amber Rose


Former stripper
Amber Rose has opened up on her stripper past,which she believes was the best time of her life.In a snippet  her soon to be aired interview on Kandi Koated Nights,she talked about Stripping…….

‘Best time of my life. It was so much fun.”Listen, I don’t have any sob stories about me dancing – I had the time of my life.’

Though men
drooling all over social media,she says men are intimidated to asking her out
because they are She Revealed she has only been on two dates
since she split with Wiz in September last year……..

‘I’m trying. I waited a long time for my husband to come home and he
didn’t.’ I swear on my child, no-one tries to get with me. When men meet
me they’re very intimidated by me’ she added. ‘I’m all about chemistry, if it’s not there, it’s not there.


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