Whoopi Goldberg says men are allowed to hit women

Whoopi Goldberg

Hollywood veteran Whoopi Goldberg is of the notion that men are actaully allowed to hit women in certain situations.

She made this known on her show ‘The View’ while discussing with her co-host about a man who knocked a woman out after the latter first hit him.

In Whoopi’s words;
“If you hit somebody you cannot be sure you’re not going to get hit back,” the actress said.
Her co-host of course tried to disagree but Whoopi was adamant citing an example of a little boy who has been asked never to hit women but has his little sister continually hit him.

“You have to teach women; do not, do not put your hands on anybody.”

She added: “I know I’m going to catch a lot of hell and I don’t care. You have to teach women, do not live with the idea that men still have this chivalry thing still with them. Don’t assume that’s still in play. So don’t be surprised if you hit a man and he hits you back. I’m sorry, you hit somebody, they hit you back, don’t be surprised.”


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