Wrong suspect for Dallas Police attacks takes family into hiding after hundreds of death threats


Mark Hughes, the gun-toting, camouflage-wearing protester that was wrongly suspected for last week’s deadly attack on Dallas police officers has been forced to run for his life from the local hotel where he and his family have been holed up since the attacks according to his Lawyer.
The Dallas police department tweeted a photo of Hughes with a rifle slung over his shoulder, wearing a camouflage T-shirt and asked for the Public’s help in finding him. The department later said he had turned himself in and wasn’t the perpetrator of the crime. In Texas, carrying a long gun, like a rifle or shotgun, is legal.

But according to Hughes’ lawyer, he’s been receiving death threats ever since.
The family’s attorney, S. Lee Merritt said,
“Cory (Hughes brother) went to the bathroom and noticed a group of white guys staring at him and they had pictures of his brother up on their phones,” Merritt told the Daily News.
“He came back to me where we were eating and those same guys started taking positions around us by the exits. I got us up in a hurry and got out of there.”
According to Merritt, they’ve been forced to leave the state.


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