Yazidi women sold by ISIS as sex slaves tell their shocking stories


    Yazidi women have told of the unimaginable cruelty they suffered at
    the hands of ISIS fighters who kept them as their sex slaves after
    raiding their homes in Iraq.
    One, a 19-year-old mother, says she allowed her first captor who ‘bought
    her’ to rape her ‘whenever he wanted’ because he would beat her
    one-year-old baby son if she resisted. Her son was the only thing
    stopping her from taking her own life. Her second jailer raped an
    elderly mother and her daughter.
    The second woman, 25, was sold again and again to a string of cruel
    fanatics who tied her to the bed and drugged her with morphine to keep
    her ‘silent’. She was beaten so badly that she could not walk for two
    A young mother – known simply as Reehan to protect her identity  told
    MailOnline how she was abducted from her home in the Iraqi village of
    Solagh, near Sinjar mountain, last August.

    ‘I was with my husband and my son when 30 cars with [ISIS] men drove over near our home,’

     The Sunni extremists rounded them up and drove them to the town of Tal
    Afar – around 50 miles away – where the women and children were
    separated from the men.Here, Reehan was auctioned off to a 50-year-old
    Iraqi Turkmen fighter inside a school where she was put on display with
    around 200 other Yazidi women.

    She does not know how much the fanatic paid for her slavery.Her voice
    trembled with fear as she recounted how the ‘very cruel’ man took her to
    his home – where she would be locked up for the next 10 months.At
    first, she tried to prevent him raping her but when the Turkmen beat her
    one-year-old son in front of her, she was forced to stop resisting.

    ‘I agreed to everything that this man wanted for the sake of my son,’
    she said clutching her adorable infant child a little bit tighter.
    And when she questioned his beliefs, he screamed at her and said that
    the sexual trade in Yazidi women is permitted ‘according to Islam’.

     She was later moved to the house of another ISIS fighter in Mosul,
    Iraq, before being sold for a third time to a Libyan man in the Islamic
    State’s adopted capital of Raqqa, Syria.She lived there for around 20
    days, in a house with two other Yazidi girls, one aged 22, the other
    only 15, before an elderly mother and her five-year-old daughter moved
    in too. It was here that she saw something so sickening, it convinced
    her that she had to risk it all and try to flee.
    He came into the home and pointed at the mother and her daughter, she
    recalled.He then brought them into a room and raped the mother before
    molesting the daughter.
    She finally decided to escape by stealing a hijab and fleeing to a
    Syrian man’s house – where she telephoned her elderly mother in Dohuk.
    After spending a few nights hidden there, the Syrian agreed to help her
    and her son cross the border but only if she paid him $15,000 – just
    under £10,000.
    Reehan said her mother desperately got the money together with the possible help of a charity, adding:

     ‘After two days in Raqqa, the [Syrian] man drove us to Fish-Khabur on
    the Iraqi-Syrian border where I met my mother… I cried.’

    She then travelled to Dohuk, where she now lives with her mother and son
    in the Khanke refugee camp. ISIS is still holding her husband, her
    father and two sisters captive. She is not hopeful that any of them are
    still alive.

    ‘I want to leave Iraq. But, I have nothing, no husband. I have no hope in [this country],’ she said.

     The softly spoken 25-year-old woman also recounted her abduction and
    daily sexual abuse by the cruel fanatics.She remembers the exact day,
    August 3, when Islamic State fighters overran her town in Sinjar,
    kidnapped her and hundreds of other girls, and took them to the same
    slave auction in Tal Afar.She too was sold off, but this time to a
    35-year-old Iraqi ISIS fighter who then took her to his home in the
    north-west Iraqi city.

    ‘When he wanted to touch me. I cried,’ she said.She tried to resist the
    man, but was unable to stop him raping her, saying: ‘I tried to fight
    him but I could not because he was too strong [and] he tied me to the
    bed and he injected me with morphine to make me silent,’ she recalled.
    After one particularly horrific rape by the man, she tried to committee
    suicide by grabbing his gun and attempting to shoot herself. But the man
    stopped her from pulling the trigger and ending her misery.

    After three more months of constant sexual abuse, she was taken to Mosul
    where she spent a week in Badush prison. She too was then moved across
    the border to Islamic State’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa where she was
    sold to a 30-year-old Arabic man.

    ‘This man forced me to sleep with him and then he would beat me. One
    time he beat me so badly that I could not walk for two months,’ she

    The man also made her pray six times a day and read the Koran. He would beat her up if she refused.
    While in Syria, she was then sold on to at least four different ISIS
    fighters who used her as their sexual slave. She remembers how she was
    once thrown in jail for 10 days after strongly resisting abuse by one of
    them – an Arabic man.

    Barfo said: ‘I was sold and put into prison [in Raqqa]. It was underground. I could not see anything.

    The woman only managed to escape after a Syrian neighbour of an ISIS
    fighter took pity on her. He hid her and two other Yazidi girls in his
    home before driving them around 150 miles west to the town of Afrin.
    They stayed there for a few nights before heading to the border where
    she was finally reunited with her mother and her baby brother.
    Although she spent around nine months kidnapped and abused by ISIS, the ordeal is not over for her family.

    ‘My mother, and my little baby brother are here. But the rest of my family are with ISIS,’ she said, sadness in her voice.

     This includes two of her younger sisters, aged 14 and 15, who are being held in Mosul and Raqqa.

    Barfo’s eyes almost burst with tears as she said: ‘Two days ago my
    [14-year-old] sister in Mosul called me crying saying she cannot

     She, like many abused Yazidi women in Khanke refugee camp, want to
    leave Iraq entirely. But because her father is still missing, it is very
    difficult for her to get the relevant documents.

    ‘I want to get my ID and passport to leave this country, but I cannot get an ID as my father is still with ISIS,’ she said.

    Culled from Mailonline


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