Young girl hospitalized with a rare skin condition after taking a certain soft drink


    Ho Thi Kieu Anh,11, from the central province of Quang Binh, Vietnam was diagnosed with a rare skin condition soon after consuming a bottle of soft drink, Tuoi Tre newspaper reports. Anh was admitted to the hospital on November with the top layer of her skin peeling off. Her family said two hours after she took the soft drink, her skin became swollen as if she was being burnt.
    She also suffered from breathing difficulties, fever and a sore mouth. Although she was diagnosed with Lyell’s syndrome, a rare, life-threatening skin condition that is usually caused by a reaction to drugs, doctors said the soft drink may be a factor that caused her condition.

    On Tuesday, December 2, Hue Central Hospital said on Tuesday that the little girl has been discharged, and her health is now stable.

    Source- News Vietnam


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