Zimbabwe- 25 people Died from Bus crash!!!


At least 25 people were killed in a serious bus crash at a 35 km peg along the Harare-Nyamapanda highway Yesterday January 18th. The buses side-wiped each other as they were going opposite directions and killed 24 people on the spot. The Zupco bus was traveling to Chisambira-Mutoko with 58 people on board and the Pioneer bus was
traveling from Nyamapanda to Harare had 41 passengers on board.

According to Chief Police Spokes person Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, ” In this accident Zupco bus which was traveling from Harare and Pioneer bus which was traveling from Nyamapanda had a side-wipe near 35km peg  when the of the Pioneer bus encroached onto the oncoming vehicle’s lane. 46 people were seriously injured and taken to Parirenyatwa and Harare hospitals.”
Both drivers from the buses were among the dead.
Just passing by zebra crossing.
Photo credit-Tawanda Mudimu.
Just passing by zebra crossing.


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