Zimbabwe- Government pleaded striking doctors to go back to work.


Its has been two weeks now since the Zimbabwean doctors went on strike, demand a salary review from 282.00-1200.00 American dollars excluding allowances. Yesterday the Government pleaded with the doctors to return to work whilst talks concerning their demands are going on which the doctors refused and vowed to continue with the strike until their demands are met.
The government had offered
them $10 per hour from 35cents as allowance, but it did not allure the doctors to buy in even though they were offer another allowance inform of risk allowance against diseases like Ebola,tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS. They are also demand a review on housing allowances from the current $250-$350 and freedom to import cars duty free.
The Herald reports that the minister of Health and child care Retired Brigedier-General Gerald Gwinji met the representatives from the Zimbabwe Doctors Association yesterday to try and pave the way forward and end the strike. General Gwinji said,”The ministry of Health and child care is appealing to the doctors for them to return to work while we continue to look into their grievances.” Patience are bieng turned away from hospitals like Parirenyatwa and Harare Central  the situation which is said to be happening in all the other government clinics and all around the country. Doctors from the uniformed forces are trying to assist with the situation, but they are being overwhelmed by the high number of patience which needs to be attended to.
On the other side Mr F. Rwodzi who is the Zimbabwe Doctors Association Public officer said,”Doctors are ready to start work any moment, but the ball is in the employer’s court. We view this crisis as very serious as it files in the face of Zim-Asset , one of its key pillars be access to health service. We hope the situation will be solved soon than later.
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